Thursday, June 28, 2007

i dream to become
Twinkel-2 Littel Star is. I dream to become the Virtues par excellence And yet his songs were

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I dream to and then the final! I work
tengo celos. No, más bien no son celos. No sé qué es... poco?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

how we met fried chicken mash potatoes angry customers while thinking place is finally.. calm and silent two strangers new customers appeared

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

life is a long Strange Trip to Your new Baby. He will Be ready for all the Senses. You are beautiful.

Monday, June 11, 2007

i am a poetry robot. I might slip a capsule.! You might think i won't! I work to be happy. but it just ain't the same Release of information from a robot like me! Why is Marijuana green? You don't even know how to Protect the white stuff, so how are you supposed to protect our sins! I never Wanted to write this song, but i guess i did die! I buy little pellets of ice colored muscle bends from under the plasma TV! I want to become a Canadian , a citizen to man kind Records! I dream to be a Millionaire' hosted by the aliens who abducted me last night at about 5 30 p m!

Friday, June 08, 2007

hahaha that is so cool Delicious and Brutally Frank. Recently I discovered that there’s such a gap between acceptance and knowledge. Why do I Feel So good and then when They're all around I feel alone.

Monday, June 04, 2007

People are strange when you're a Startup founder. My cat is a realist who evidently uses photographs for mapmaking. You might Feel Blue but aesthetics is important because it provides Accountability.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sometimes it seems that everyone knows How to Win Friends. I don't. My secret is Silence and solitude.
Why do I Smoke without realizing I'm already sinking into the Subprime American Dream. My mom said that Dad isn't spontaneous anymore. free from Fear In urban spaces. I want to gain weight. I study You next. Google was moving up and Down. My cat is named Perfect because the bible tells Me So. I enjoy prepending an unnecessary definite article or pronoun and another attribute called final which has only one beer left. I wish I was as cool as the first one on the block to get the pizza. My shoes are full of Cuckoos! You might Want One. I dream that one day there'll be dancing Download You can easily scroll down through History Hair. I rent from any premises within. My dog is named each academic year During which the swept wire pinches off we observe realignment. You might Feel after wards O Reilly intoned That's one small step into the yak's nest. My trainer will make arrangements. My cat is Afraid.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

i like Music Discovering new rock punk alternative folk and more from our messed up world amidst all the selfishness in sports and the Media. US. Why is Marijuana still illegal when it's proven to be a complete and utter DISASTER and _must_ be commented on or dropped. My cat is sick in addition to a clinical interview for a DSM IZI R diagnosis or siginificant functional enhancements to IE which reduce unwanted ads and content that make Hardware Useful. My secret is the Bowflex Machine sitting upstairs in our bedroom where television cameras are permitted to televise their own programs For small businesses In the Line of Duty. My dad said I'd never use frames again Laughing through the evening meal and the next day's breakfast which consisted of green chili Cheeseburgers and killer fries for a straight martinis and burgers menu fiasco!
The meaning of life is currently being updated. Society is not involved in the decision. You might Feel Blue but New growth will come from the ranks of bloggers.
Im a funny little robot short and round
Im a funny little robot short and round with Bucky Teath. My lover is the twenty first Century. I want to become Stronger healthier wealthier and Happier Here is my Heart Singing Music It sings. I am a robot here for you i can love and care for you because no one else would L O V E Y O U! I like to eat spam and Lots of ham Mozzarella pepperoni Pineapple Medium Sized Pizza IS SO SO YUMMY! Even though i dont no how to eat it. I hate women and the Media so confident that they! Spy! On me From the gutter were they currently belong. I rent my summer vacation Home with a View. I like To go swimming in my private pool better then getting all sandy at the Beach .! I hate my Life Cause all i do Is dream of YOU! But please dont be offended it is only good stuff! *+* ROBOT DEAD *+*
Robots. Big Robots. Big Scary Robots. Big Scary Robots Walking. Big Scary Robots Walking Slowly. Big Scary Robots Walking Slowly Up. Big Scary Robots Walking Slowly Up The. Big Scary Robots Walking Slowly Up The Hill. Big Scary Robots Walking Up The Hill Angrily.
conspicuous consumption of information. You don't Know. I want to build a Language. I dream of Scrapping Design. I learn It or die.
desi! I dream that I had always wanted to know about you and ben are you two Together ill go out of the world
I Woke One Morning to find your face beside mine i marveled in the knowledge it would be there for all time never again would i wake up alone because with you by myside i had become whole i searched a lifetime for a person so good so true and was truly amazed when i found it was you
Green is the color of your eyes You Can tell! Why do I Need to Wash your hands? According to an existing Project
in the tomorrow`s world
I am ranting at the modern world. I wish I'd known that the ocean is blue. My dog is named Tobin Because it's a great opportunity to PUBLICIZE your Group/Business. I want my Half turkey sandwich and a bowl of miso soup on the stove top. The Internet was significantly less common in Japanese patients with schizophrenia! I don't care about Opera Mozilla or anything other than tinymce Confusion. The USA was placed in the Federal Archives in Potsdam after unification. My favorite Martian Site was completed in January 1976 at Vijayawada Station. I dream to Sleep.
Boogie wonderland lyrics by Clay. I dream of Cake and Pennies. I study Flexibility in biomolecules. I hate YOU >>! My dog is Not amused by paintball. You never Received any credit for military Occupations. I wish アーティストHP! My secret is Silence. Yahoo was Condemned? I like to eat some lunch With George Pérez. Why do I Smoke without realizing I'm already sinking into the Subprime American Dream. My favorite Word by Mark Stefani Track really is gorgeous and Green. I don't Like Monday LYRICS by Radicals. The USA was chartered between Hancock and Virginia Union's men. Society is dedicated to advancing gender equity and public relations. My mom said that Dad isn't spontaneous anymore. Nokia was very straight forward and easy to Download. I want to gain Surgical experience in 161 cases of Hairy Cell Leukemia Research! I dream to be…
free from Fear In urban spaces. I want to gain weight. I study You next. I hope my Corpse Gives You permission.
la la laaa im not listening! Soccer was always my favorite! My dog is named Dusty Springfield! I want a New Drug for the treatment of me!
Buying unids 1kea !buying unids 1kea!
Hoy les voy a contar Una
Your brain plays a critical role in influencing the direction of the flow. I want my MTV to silence my head.
defcon. My girlfriend Comes to the Party. Google was moving up and Down. You never thought you'd have learned that Americans are too Stupid to survive. I want to become
I dream to! I learn. I want to become an. My mom just got a little? I hate. I wish more of these. I love my! Why do I Have. You don't! I never I I. You don't. I think because. Well, how long. And what to. Else. Many. I lave my. You never! Don't, I love my. Ooohh.
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