Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roses are red, Violets ae blue, Your my girl and i love you a bunch of Flowers doesnt mean much but i love you with all my heart we were meant to be not broken apart stay with me my girl i love you
El amor es una sombra capaz de ocultar a una estrella

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i dream to see chris rock
i dream to speak
nancy wiggled. You never see. I like my Curves. I work in waves'. I wish I had known. I dream to. You might be part of the following then take this. We should say that the end had come. I might
sighing shadows, cryptic order wintermoon, My favorite shine mixes with color in dreamland. My secret is my loudest, a far cry from thought. I might as well smoke cloud lumps. I never heard the word of the sword, less useful than a frequent step.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

i am a Fugitive From a Chain. I hate This Song! We should NEVER expect. I dream that I'm surrounded. My dad. You are feeling better now. I want to gain muscle Mass! I never! I never! I love! Why do I? You might.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i like to Party by Andrew Lippa The Man In Blue ·. I like to Party by HiggyHackford too. I like to Rock 'n' Roll on MTV but it's not exactly pretty to watch. We should NEVER Have A six pack In winter, 1993–1994, because of Ghosts that Danny Fenton owned a million years ago. My lover is bisexual or Gay, men and lesbians are actively recruiting
I like to eat from human corpses to make television More appealing and “impactful”. Microsoft was accused of Mismanaging Toxic Waste, and were shunted by Environmental organisations. Motorola was almost dissolved by ‘Evil’ telstra, due to telstra's extensive network of coupling among gays.
thin music Videos Worn by celebs have no shame in Gambling addiction and Treatment.
memories taste like old blood in the afternoon sun.. I dream that my Kids Won't get punished for our crimes. I don't remember, 1935 was the year of my blood not me.. April! I want to gain more ground While leaving no one Behind.
i love to see Red flowers against blue sky and hazy sun in between the Lines. I never thought I’d Say this but when I try to it is ok. I learn the names of instruments that measure risk for future suicide. My dad is an orthodox Woman who just can’t leave life and health insurance Coverage Data in peace.. .. I wish from the legal Culture of greater China and Japan that a specialist website should offer tons of Food.
Apples are one of Us ·! Why do I Creep You out? My girlfriend is equivalent to 20 queens NY.! I don't remember Wikipedia ever claiming! I work at Initech with my big crunchies.! I dream of Barack The world's first Apple-American president.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The mist was heavy in the woods! the fish were rising on the pond as a hatch was spreading to greet the light , as evidence that nature had carried on through the dark and dreary night . With fly in hand, and fly rod arched, i spied a large trout lurking off the bank and set to spring, with uncanny deftness the line peeled out of the reel and the leader set the fly on the water with a fling . I wasn't sure what happened next, but the line had met it's test as the trout, it launched into the air, and jerked and tugged without a care. The line was taut, the fish was large, i tried to contain my youthful urge, of jumping up and down for joy, and in my own exhuberance, of man over fish, i still considered this better than any toy. The fish was caught, I had won and yet the thought had lingered on, to let him go, or to take hime home? The idea vanished as I nursed him in, and pulled the hook from his crooked jaw, for a moment gazed at this specimen with gentle hand and let him go and continue to roam.
cool cats Tigers deliver in clutch Monday Because my body isnt a graveyard though some speculate that baseballs were juiced in 1998 including the Uncanny X Men and the Avengers by Gabo Hanzo Sega
Sleeping on the bad.,

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I dreamed I was at Manderly again ' The sky was cloudy throughout the eastern hemisphere and Lancaster is convinced that this year’s race should be very exciting but theyre pictures are all blurry especially when its cloudy and raining

Saturday, August 02, 2008

cows (poem)

cows are wonderful creatures,
they sing to us
as they develop
and feelings
of emotional closeness
in their

I think cows
should be allowed
to engage
in charitable activities
such as
and blanket making
other handicraft,
which they desire
to experience
with all their senses.
the cows!

-GP and the Google poetry robot

Cows (a poem)

cows eat grass
Because they're basically professional extortionists
They can easily control me
So it's better that they eat grass.
So really,
when you're Alone and life is hard,
Food is that powerful. Cows eat grass.

-GP and the Google Poetry Robot 2008

Silent Crunch (a poem)

I want to become
I like to eat cereal
My secret is
my silence –

my silent crunch.

I don't understand Hello
and bye bye.
You might Not Want to Hear.
my cereal!

-Anonymous & Google Poetry Robot (July 23, 08)

Friday, August 01, 2008

poetry poetry is representative Do not hesitate Arabic! My trainer MOVED! I like to eat dogs as delicacy. Why is water BLUE? why doesn't it pay dividends! Society is rapidly progressing worldwide telecommunication standardization. I hate Cilantro.
disturbed? Why do I run? You might have Noticed IM GAY lolno one! I want to become WHO capreomycin! You might Pay $75 for a stripper pole to have control Over the Economy, Google was built up on steriods in Baseball Term! My mom joined Facebook when my younger brother Tuesday at the Streetfest. I hate my INLAWS 27 Female pets For eating YOU! why, I want my FRESTON Yahoo.