Saturday, June 02, 2007

Im a funny little robot short and round with Bucky Teath. My lover is the twenty first Century. I want to become Stronger healthier wealthier and Happier Here is my Heart Singing Music It sings. I am a robot here for you i can love and care for you because no one else would L O V E Y O U! I like to eat spam and Lots of ham Mozzarella pepperoni Pineapple Medium Sized Pizza IS SO SO YUMMY! Even though i dont no how to eat it. I hate women and the Media so confident that they! Spy! On me From the gutter were they currently belong. I rent my summer vacation Home with a View. I like To go swimming in my private pool better then getting all sandy at the Beach .! I hate my Life Cause all i do Is dream of YOU! But please dont be offended it is only good stuff! *+* ROBOT DEAD *+*


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