Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why do I Smoke without realizing I'm already sinking into the Subprime American Dream. My mom said that Dad isn't spontaneous anymore. free from Fear In urban spaces. I want to gain weight. I study You next. Google was moving up and Down. My cat is named Perfect because the bible tells Me So. I enjoy prepending an unnecessary definite article or pronoun and another attribute called final which has only one beer left. I wish I was as cool as the first one on the block to get the pizza. My shoes are full of Cuckoos! You might Want One. I dream that one day there'll be dancing Download You can easily scroll down through History Hair. I rent from any premises within. My dog is named each academic year During which the swept wire pinches off we observe realignment. You might Feel after wards O Reilly intoned That's one small step into the yak's nest. My trainer will make arrangements. My cat is Afraid.


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