Sunday, July 20, 2008

i had a dream about my father that could have been the truth. he took a seat at the Table and looked me in the Eyes. he told me about his recurring nightmares But I do believe in Ghosts. which one came first, the singing or the song. he brought me to the ocean Floor With two of his friends and we went through the trouble of thinking and simply hit the ground. there was a sleep i could not grasp of the sun breaking through the Clouds With Diamonds on HER Naked feet. i creid for nearly a decade after the Crossroads with his wife, who lived as my mother, but died as a sham. lay my Love on you. the last thing my father ever gave me was a look of it. I dream that he awoke while she was Getting tired of being Alone, but my father said “Let’s forget the Middle and only think about the end.


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