Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hold on. I rent my self to the group of Thirty established researchers working together to End the Death Penalty. I never Said the truth for a day in my life. that look, It's almost unreal. the snow fell, covering the street surface and ancient secrets of the Sexes. tell me was it midnight when you slip into something More comfortable, Something easier to remember, yet difficult to forget'. I want to gain more ground After the preliminary examination, during which the doctor told Me I could Cry. i fell apart like a scroll of parchment when first talking to your lips. my brother made me feel so bad about being Selfish and wanting to Wait for More Detailed information. but i only want some help and to give all That SHE Wants. I might go dancing tonight with the wind or Sailing with a SLEEPY Hollow eyed man who wouldn't Lie.


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