Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rebecca. my lover is Mine which means that i can do Anything i want tooo without anybody getting mad and saying anything to me. My boyfriend Is really sweet and he is trying Hard really not to do something to hurt me and i am happy about that. We should Pretend that You're really gay. I hope my Life is going to go really good soon. You never seem to think that i am being serious with my life and what i want to do with it. I learn the hard way in life and i hope that when i have kids that they wouldnt have to learn the same way as i did. I like to eat Raw oysters From the refirgerator. Soccer was fun and i really liked it alot sometimes i dont like it because it is hard. I want to go back to california with my friends and family. I hate when people be mean to me and dont respect me. I dream that my brother was out of jail and back with me and my sister. Google was a good website to use when somebody needs something or when somebody wants to find out anything about whatever. You might think that my poem sucks but you know what i dont care! I work very hard on this poem so u better like it cuz i doo! I love my boyfriend so much and i am really happy to be with him.


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